2019 Fall Jazz Band Audition Information – see our
Jazz Band page.

Please contact our Jazz Band Director, Emilio Terranova at [email protected] with any questions.

2019 William S. Hart District Honor Band

Auditions will be held on Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd at Canyon High School.  Please see the information below.  All students registered in the VHS Instrumental Music Program are required to audition.  There are no make-up times.  Please let Mr. Judd ([email protected]) know ASAP if you have any conflicts.

General Info:  It is a great honor to be selected as part of the District Honor Band.  Each year, all six high schools audition to make a group of only 11 Flutes, 3 Oboes, 2 Bassoons, 15 Clarinets, 3 Bass Clarinets, 6 Alto Saxes, 3 Tenor Saxes, 2 Baritone Saxes, 12 Trumpet, 6 French Horns, 8 Trombones, 4 Euphoniums, 5 Tubas, 2 String Bass and 8 Percussion.  There are as many as 300 students competing for these positions, so students are encouraged practice over winter break.  Winter break (and spring semester) is also a great time to start private lessons.  Consecutive membership in the District Honor Band is great for college resumes and gives students opportunities for district scholarships.

Wind Player Auditions:  Wind players are to practice four pieces of music over winter break and January:  1) Mother Earth,  2) Strange Humors, 3) God of Our Fathers, and 4) Dusk.  Your audition will have two random excerpts of music from any part of these four pieces, typically one technical and one lyrical.   You will also have to have the tonguing drill prepared, Bb major scale, and chromatic in SIXTEENTH NOTES (practice slow).

Percussion Auditions:  Percussionist are to practice 3 percussion etudes, pages 5 – 7 of this PDF.  The musical selections have students working on Snare Drum, Timpani and Marimba.  Percussions can practice the snare music on a drum pad, the timpani part on two chairs (be creative!) and can buy their own bell kit (recommended) or communicate with their section leaders who have our two VHS-Loaner Bell Kits.

Bell kits are fairly inexpensive and are highly recommended for all Valencia Percussionists.   Amazon has a great deal for $80 for a drum pad, sticks, a bell kit, bell stand, and mallets!  And on prime with 2 day delivery.  See the link below.

Please let Mr. Judd know if you have any questions via email at [email protected].

CLICK HERE to download all audition information and materials.

2018-2019 Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble Information

Auditions for Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will held on September 24th thru 28th from 3:10pm – 6:00pm.  Please show up at least 30 minutes early to your audition time!

CLICK HERE to download all audition information and materials.

Wind Ensemble Wind/String Bass Audition Process

Warm up with a Bb scale
1)     Tonguing Drill – Quarter note = 108 bpm
2)     Chromatic Scale – Quarter note = 96 bpm
3)     Prepared Etude(s) for your instrument (see audition information above)
4)     Sight reading – 30 seconds to look over example, and then read straight through (STOPPING LOSES POINTS!)

Wind Ensemble Percussion Audition Process

1)     Snare, Timpani and Mallet Etude – All three must be performed (see audition information above)
2)     Sight reading on snare or mallets (your choice)

*Each audition should take no more than 5 minutes each
*Numbers for the Wind Ensemble will be dependent on the quality of auditions.
* The wind ensemble audition results will also change the chair placement for the symphonic band.
*Symphonic Band will be period 1 and Wind Ensemble period 2

Every musician in the fall semester program must participate in auditions to the best of their ability.  Failure to attend auditions will result in a grade reduction.

All auditions are between 3:10pm – 6:00pm.  Sign up for an audition time on the sign up sheet on Mr. Judd’s office door.

Monday, September 24th:  All Percussion

Thursday, September 27th:  All Flutes, Clarinets, Oboe and Horns

Friday, September 28th:  All Trumpets, Low Brass, Saxophones and Bassoons